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Container Homes:
Insulated Wall Cladding

Whether you already own a container home or are interested in having one built from the ground up, our services have got you covered.


With our expertise, we can help you transform a simple shipping container into a stunning and cozy living space. Our specialised insulated wall cladding is designed to enhance the comfort and aesthetics of your container home. Our innovative solution provides superior thermal insulation year-round, ensuring a comfortable interior environment.

One of the unique advantages of our insulated wall cladding is its ability to preserve precious interior space. Unlike conventional insulation methods, our cladding is applied externally, freeing up valuable room inside while simultaneously enhancing the insulation performance. This innovative approach guarantees a comfortable interior by preventing heat transfer to the metal substrate, even during the most extreme weather conditions.

Insulated wall cladding for container homes: A step-by-step guide

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