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EcoSmart Stone: Insulated Wall Cladding Solutions 

EcoSmart Stone insulated wall cladding: Our natural stone range

Our Natural Stone (EcoSmart Stone) range combines the natural beauty of stone with thermal insulation and a wide range of finishes. This insulated wall cladding range is lightweight, easy to install, and ideal for all types of construction projects, weighing just 20-26 kilograms per square meter.

The panels interlock with each other and feature factory pre-grooved rebates and tongue joining channels, making the installation process significantly faster and more cost-effective than traditional mortar and dry-hang fixing methods. This eliminates the need for expensive specialist trades and eliminates weather-related holdups. When installed according to the instructions, this system provides a complete waterproof barrier, protecting the structural integrity of the building.

Pick from our natural stone range

Explore our diverse range of natural stone products, offering an array of colours and finishes to match your style and preferences. Our products are designed with full insulation, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and energy efficiency for your home.

While the images displayed on our website provide an accurate depiction of our stone, please keep in mind that they may appear differently depending on your screen settings. For a true sense of the stone's beauty and quality, we encourage you to request physical samples.

NOTE: Due to the inherent nature of the natural stone, there may be slight colour variations. These variations are a result of the unique geological composition and natural processes involved in the formation of the stone. While we strive to maintain consistency, it is important to acknowledge that these differences are beyond our control. We appreciate your understanding and acceptance of the natural beauty and individuality of each stone.

Block size

  • The majority of delivered jobs feature standardised blocks of 285mmx575mm

  • 10-12% of blocks may vary in size

We also offer the option for 100% standardised blocks upon request, although this may come with an additional cost due to the wastage factor.

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