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Reconstituted TechStone: Insulated Wall Cladding

TechStone: The affordable alternative to real stone


As lovers of natural stone, we understand that there are few substitutes for the real thing. However, the high price of real stone often makes it inaccessible to many consumers. That's why we have dedicated extensive efforts to recreate an affordable and authentic alternative. TechStone is made from natural stone waste, capturing all the original colours and characteristics.

By choosing TechStone, you can enjoy the stunning beauty of a stone-faced home without exceeding your budget. This insulated wall cladding range not only offers exceptional value for money but also contributes to ecological sustainability by utilising nature's waste in an innovative and charming way.

Think budget-friendly. Think energy savings. Think thermal comfort. Think beauty. Think value for money. Think TechStone – the superior and affordable composite insulated wall cladding solution.

Why TechStone?

Block size​
  • The majority of delivered jobs feature standardised blocks of 285mmx575mm

  • 5-10% of blocks may vary in size


We also offer the option for 100% standardised blocks upon request, although this may come with an additional cost due to the wastage factor.

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