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Affordable Stone-Faced Retaining Wall Solutions

Elegant natural stone retaining wall solutions: Affordable and stunning


Building a retaining wall can often lead to hefty expenses. Ensuring it's done right the first time is crucial. Professional engineering for footings and load requirements is key – especially when dealing with concrete or Besser block construction that may involve re-bar. In numerous states, an engineer's report specification becomes mandatory for walls above 1 meter in height.


For those seeking a gorgeous stone finish, costs tend to skyrocket. The process becomes a multi-step ordeal – first constructing the structure, then waterproofing it, and finally adding the cladding stone. Concrete and Besser block materials are porous, necessitating a waterproofing membrane system on the retaining side.​

Traditional stone wall construction steps include:

  • Building footings

  • Laying Besser blocks with re-bar

  • Core filling with concrete

  • Waterproofing the retaining side

  • Attaching stone cladding

  • Installing capping stones

Introducing a modern, time-saving and cost-effective solution for stone-faced retaining walls

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