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Stone Pillars & Fence Posts: Affordable Stone Cladding

Stone pillars, columns, piers, and fence posts made easy!

Discover the fast and affordable stone cladding solution to what is usually a costly process.

Traditionally, stone columns, fence posts, piers, and pillars can be quite expensive. Even stone veneer requires a base for installation, typically a concrete block or a boxed stud frame with fibre cement sheeting. This multi-step process can be time-consuming, especially when covering existing structural posts.

But we make constructing pillars, columns, and fence posts easier, faster, and more affordable. No more messy wet mortar. Simply stack the sections together, and the job is done!

Go Clad Fence and Pillar Post
Go Clad stone pillar - Affordable Stone Cladding
  • Internal Dimensions: 350mm x 350mm (1ft-1/6’)
  • External Dimensions: 450mm x 450mm (1ft-1/2’)
  • Available in a number of real stone types and colours
  • Available in a number of stone finishes
  • Matching capping stones at 550mm x 550mm x 30mm 
Go Clad stone pillar - Affordable Stone Cladding
Go Clad stone pillar
Sawn and Brushed Stone
Natural Split Stone
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